Can I start off by saying I’m so happy you’re here? My name is Atessa and I am a photographer. The mission for my photography business is to offer you a unique and rewarding photography experience. I want you to feel so comfortable in front of the camera that you forget I’m even there. I will ensure that you are pleased with your service, from the initial ‘hello’ to receiving the final photos.

Please email me for availability and pricing. I would love to work with you, or feel free to fill out the Contact form to see how we can best work together! I cannot wait to chat.

And now here’s a little bio about myself written by my dear friend…

Atessa Nicole is an architectural, fashion, and lifestyle photographer. She grew up in a family of artists where she discovered her interest in photography at the early age of fourteen. She later moved to Italy and then New York to pursue her passions in multimedia.

During her college days in Rome she studied photography at John Cabot University and after graduating college she made the move to New York, where she naturally felt the transition into multimedia.

Atessa worked in TV at CBS News and CBS Sports. She also accepted a coveted spot at the comedy incubator, Upright Citizens Brigade, in NYC. She balanced working in news, taking Improv classes in the evenings, and performing at the UCB on the weekends before making Houston her home again in 2014. In Houston she began working in the family business at a design-build architecture firm. She was able to tie in her passion for photography while working there - often photographing interiors. She continued her studies in photography, taking courses in Milan in the Spring of 2016. Since then, Atessa has built her photography portfolio and business.

Influenced by playful narratives, color and elegance, Atessa enjoys creating stories with a cinematic approach. Her natural improvisational skills and background in comedy set the perfect stage for making others feel natural in front of the lens. She is inspired by architecture, romanticism, and untouched beauty. She is constantly in pursuit of creating a series of timeless images that will stay current for years to come.

Atessa currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband Keu. They recently welcomed their first child, Kaspar, in the fall of 2017.